Brand Guidelines

The Onsite Ready Mix brand guidelines were developed to create a shared visual identity that reflects the Onsite Ready Mix brand. The guidelines should facilitate best practices to help individuals and companies present their communications in a way that reflects positively on Onsite Ready Mix.

To make any use of our marks in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at and include a visual mockup of intended use.


The Onsite Ready Mix logo symbolizes Onsite Ready Mix and provides a consistent identification to the brand. Maintaining the integrity of the logo is key to building a strong identity. It must be presented in a consistent and legible manner. The logo may never be altered in any way. Use only the digital artwork provided by Onsite Ready Mix.

The wordmark must be used in combination with the icon, unless given specific permission by Onsite Ready Mix. No other logo colors are acceptable. The white version of the logo may be used only on backgrounds or photographs to allow for proper contrast. The black version of the logo may be used only when color printing is not available.

Keep sufficient clear space around the logo, separate from other elements. Do not reconfigure, stretch or alter the font of the logo. Do not use the logo on complex textures, busy photographs or backgrounds that do not provide adequate contrast.


Light Blue
Light Blue

CMYK: 62-25-19-0 | RGB: 100-160-186
Hex: #64a0ba | Pantone: 549 C

Dark Blue
Dark Blue

CMYK: 100-86-44-47 | RGB: 12-36-68
Hex: #0c2444 | Pantone: 289 C

Dark Grey
Dark Grey

CMYK: 78-70-56-61 | RGB: 38-42-51
Hex: #262a33 | Pantone: 4280 C


The fonts used in the logo are Josefin Sans Light and League Spartan Bold.

Josefin Sans is also used for all web and print titles and headings.

The main font used for all supporting web and print text is Open Sans. The regular weight should be used for most body copy and bold versions should be used in subheadings.